Table of Content

1. Setup MySql Database

1. Create new MySql database
2. Setup MySql user and permissions for database

2. Install Gameport Platform

1. Upload & extract packed ZIP file inside public_html folder of your website.
2. Navigate to
3. Start installation by clicking "Check requirements" button.
4. Make sure your server meets the requirements to run Gameport platform. Hit "Check permissions" button to continue.
5. Make sure listed folders meets the permission requirements. Hit "Configure Environment" button to continue.
6. Select "Form Wizard Setup"
7. Set basic application settings.
App Name: Name of your webiste
App Environment: Set to "Production"
App Debug: Select "False"
App Log Level: Keep default value
App Url: Url of your website
Continue to "Setup Database" when ready.
8. Setup Database Connection settings.
You dont have to touch Connection, Host and Port value, unless you know what you are doing.
Database Name: Enter name of your newly created database
Database User Name: Enter name of MySql user linked to database
Database Password: Enter password of your MySql user
Continue to "Setup Application" when ready.
9. In this page you dont have to set anyting. Hit "Install" button.
10. Installation might take some time. When installation is done, you will see page like this:
11. Scroll down and click on "Click here to exit" button. You will be redirected to homepage and if everything worked well, you should see your new gaming platform website!

3. Configure Settings

1. Navigate to
2. Login to admin panel
Password: password123
Note: Type user details on lowercase characters
3. Fix Storage Symlink. Hit on "Fix it" button.
4. Change default email and password. Navigate on top right corner to your profile and edit your email add password.
Hit save button to save your user details.
5. Navigate on side menu to "Settings" page. Select "Site" tab and customize site details. Hit save on bottom of site, when done.
On settings panel you can also setup Google Analytics tracking, inject custom scripts and also manage game ads on ads tab!
Contact our email address: support at for support or use contact form.